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Tile Roofing for Southern Oregon

Installing tile roofing will benefit your home’s roof in many ways. It provides durability, beauty and also reduces costs for cooling your home during the summer. Tile roofs are the most beautiful and will increase the curb appeal and value of the home.

Weather and pest resistant

For the Rogue Valley a new tile roof will be resilient in our hot summers and wet, windy and cold winters. They stand up well even to hail and to insects. If a fire’s embers reached your roof, you would be pretty safe also.

Energy and maintenance savings

During the summer you should see lower cooling costs, due to the nature of the material and the gap under the tiles. The tiles require very little to no maintenance.

Long lasting

Tile lasts a lifetime, it should last upwards of fifty years.

Environmentally friendly

Tiles are made from earth materials like clay and concrete.


Tile Roofs

Top off your home with a wide variety of colors and design. Tile is not only a long lasting, but will add to your home’s value and curb appeal. Call for FREE estimate.